The Big Launch

Rudi the beautiful rescue pup modelling his new scrunchies

What better to celebrate a big launch than a dog picture? My beautiful pup Rudi is here modelling his new scrunchies for all of our benefits.

Yesterday was the day the big eBay store went live and hopefully the start of a lots of funds raised in support of Rethink Mental Illness.

Which scrunchie are you going to get?

My Top 7 Scrunchie Affirmations

CW: Eating Disorders

My old roommate Emily used to fan herself with her exam books to “osmosis the information into her head”.

When I was told to come up with some positive statements and affirmations for myself, I wasn’t sure quite where to write them. I needed somewhere where they could be instantly available, constantly comforting, a friendly reminder that things were somehow, at some point, going to be okay. So where better than a scrunchie to “osmosis” into my head?

I thought I’d share with you 7 of my favourite scrunchie affirmations:
No matter what you ate yesterday, you still have to eat today.
I am a lightly dusted croissant
Believe in you
I am safe. That is enough. 
I am a majestic camel.
I do not need to earn the right to eat. 
I am doing the right thing. 

Some of those are self explanatory, some of those are near unexplainable, but whatever helps you through the day is perfectly okay and perfectly valid.

These are my top 7 affirmations, what are yours?

Personalisation Ideas

Don’t know how to use your 50 characters? Check out some of our ideas below:

Positive Affirmation:
– I am enough
– I am strong
– I am safe

– Thinking of you Love name
– Happy 21st Birthday name Love name
– Love you lots

Other ideas:
– Your/someone’s name or initials
– Your favourite quote
– A private joke between friends

What are you going to get on your scrunchie?